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Vortrag Quality Standards for Countering Violent Extremism Programs

This pre­sen­ta­ti­on, as a part of an ‘in­ter­na­tio­nal fo­rum‘, will dis­cuss in­ter­na­tio­nal ap-proa­ches to as­su­ring qua­li­ty and ef­fec­tiven­ess of de­ra­di­ca­liza­t­i­on and coun­tering vio­lent ex­tre­mism (CVE) pro­grams. In ad­di­ti­on, prac­tical ex­pe­ri­en­ces ma­de in va­rious coun­tries, e.g. Fran­ce, Ger­ma­ny, the United Sta­tes and the United King­dom, will be in­tro­du­ced and as­ses­sed re­gar­ding their po­ten­ti­al im­pact for the is­sue of eva­lua­ti­on and qua­li­ty stan­dards in the de­ra­di­ca­liza­t­i­on and CVE field. Du­ring this fo­rum op­ti­ons and me­thods to eva­lua­te such pro­grams and in­itia­ti­ves will be de­ba­ted and their prac­tica­bi­li­ty for a uni­que­ly he­te­ro­ge­neous preven­ti­on land­scape li­ke for ex­amp­le in Ger­ma­ny scru­ti­ni­zed. Cur­rent de­ve­lop­ments wi­t­hin the Ger­man land­scape in this re­gard will al­so be in­clu­ded and com­pa­red with the in­ter­na­tio­nal sta­te of the art.



Daniel Köhler
Moderation: Anja Bohländer, Universität Erfurt


11. Juni 2018


15:00 - 15:45


Internationales Congress Center Dresden (ICD) – Internationales Forum, Raum: Seminar 1
Ostra-Ufer 2
Dresden, 01067 Deutschland
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